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What is the HealThruWords Method™?

The HealThruWords Method™ is a unique type of dynamic meditation mixed with groundbreaking technologies that empowers you by decreasing your negative self-talk, instantly raising your vibration to a new level. This allows you to experience more positivity, happiness, and dramatic shifts in perspective.

Each meditation is designed to connect you to your heart which has an electromagnetic field 5,000 times more powerful than your brain’s. This amplified resonance works quickly to manifest your desires when you invest just a few minutes each day with beautiful visuals and carefully chosen words.

The uniquely powerful HealThruWords Method™ technologies grant you both short and long term benefits because they are designed to disrupt your current belief systems and allow new and more positive experiences to take place in your life.

As proven worldwide, the HealThruWords Method™ empowers you and provides you with the tools to grow and the map to your new more expanded, positive and successful You.

By actively meditating every day for a small amount of time you will release more and more negative thought patterns each day. The more you use it, the more our technology will bring forth new benefits.

What are HealThruWords Expanded Quote Meditations™?

HealThruWords Expanded Quote Meditations™ are dynamic meditations that speak directly to your Heart and re-align your mind-heart connective patterns.

As research has shown, your heart sends more data to your brain than the brain does to the rest of your body. It is the crux of your life experience and the key to your own success and happiness. By reconnecting directly to your heart, you get access to a more holistic perspective that transcends all mind-related limitations.

All affirmation methods are repeated mind-oriented sentences that only attempt to cover an existing belief system, but the HealThruWords Expanded Quote Meditations™, carefully crafted with a unique encoded healing technology, help you shift to a new belief framework or thought pattern by connecting wth your heart center. As you switch to a higher tone (aka. a higher vibration), you create new thought patterns unrelated to the former framework. Each quote speaks to your heart and helps you release these outdated beliefs systems.

Thanks to a daily use of our HealThruWords Expanded Quote Meditations™, self-talk patterns are upgraded to less negative ones, creating a new space, a new identity from which new choices are made. You can now experience new outcomes in your day-to-day life.

It is like upgrading to a new, more powerful car which is able to reach new destinations every day!

What is the HealThruWords Empowerment Index™?

If the HealThruWords Expanded Quote Meditations is a car, the HealThruWords Empowerment Index™ is your GPS to your new You!

Every day as you rate each meditation, you build your own unique HealThruWords Empowerment Index™ that will provide you with a visible analysis of your personal journey. This technology will also help you understand what challenges or limiting beliefs you are still facing and which areas you are strongest.

Equipped with such awareness, it is easier to focus on the observed issues and rewire your brain accordingly to let the light of your heart shine through.

Our HealThruWords Experts can then guide you efficiently on your path to happiness, success and abundance.

By combining HealThruWords Expanded Quote Meditations™ with the HealThruWords Empowerment Index™, you get the best of science and personal development in one easy-to-use technique that will bring out the best of you on a daily basis.

Empowerment Quote Meditations™

Are you feeling depressed? Problems in your relationships or health? Do you feel invaded by your inner self-negative talk?
Are you looking for a simple but yet effective way to become more positive?

With a few minutes per day, our Empowerment Quote Meditations™ will help you let go of old thinking patterns and create a new more positive life.

Embark on your journey to more happiness with our daily Expanded Quote Meditation™ and your personal Empowerment Index™.
Every month, you will receive your Empowerment Report™ that will show you the map to your new you.

Upgrade yourself by investing a few minutes each day.

Empowerment Quote Meditations, Release Energy Blocks, Clear Negative Beliefs, Unlock your Heart

Abundance Thru Words, Eliminate negative self talk, Raise your vibration & Manifest your dream life

Abundance Thru Words™

Do you feel limited? Are you leading a life made of lack and constant struggles?
Are you looking for methods, exercises and a deeper understanding of how to invite more Abundance in your life?
Do you want to go faster and deeper in your growth by being assisted regularly by qualified HealThruWords Experts?

Along with the very effective Empowerment Quote Meditations™ including your personal Empowerment Report™, you will have access to a wealth of information, techniques and exercises brought to you by the best Abundance Experts available. You will also be able to ask your own questions on our live interviews and work with our HealThruWords Experts every two weeks.

Experience the abundant life you deserve!

Depressed Woman

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed, depressed, unfulfilled or unloved by your own self or by those around you?
  • Do you wake up every morning feeling as if something in your life is missing yet you don’t know what it is?
  • Are you looking to fill your life with more happiness, freedom and love?
  • Do you think you want to simply change but you don’t have enough time or financial resources to dedicate to a full intensive program?

If you answered YES to any or all of these questions, then this program is for you.

Heal and Empower yourself, prepare to feel a positive shift in your reality.


Empower your mind, body and soul through our signature Positive Inspirational Images and so much more.

I’d never regretted to follow @healthruwords, u have such a wonderful heart and u inspires me. :)


I’m sorry to be messaging you but you are so inspiring and you heal my pain how do you do it?

Liz DeLuca

Your Quotes are the most deep realities I have ever read. I am lucky you came my way and decided to follow you.


Now, i love like never before, thanks so much you are a blessing to me, may God richly bless you.

Paul A.

Being more positive and honest with myself has allowed me to grow & enrich my experience and take charge of my life and health.

Karen H.


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  • How can words change me? Your mind thinks through words and words are simple doors to vibrations created from energy. Millions already reading on a regular basis our Free HealThruWords® Quotes are experiencing positive change in their lives. With these HealThruWords® Quotes you receive a strong energetic power. When read them daily according to instructions, your brain heals and rewires naturally allowing you to begin experiencing the next vibrational level in your evolution. This translates into positive life changes and the miracles you deserve to live.
  • Worried about not being able to feel happier? YOU hold the key to your own success and we are here to help you find it. As you read and reflect daily on the messages shared in this 30-day HealThruWords® Empowerment Challenge your mind begins to reconnect with your heart. Happiness, lovingness and mindfulness begin to be your permanent nature.

Your thoughts totally reinforce what I have learned and serve as a gentle reminder every day of how to love and live in the moment. You have greatly enriched my life. Even though I may forget what I read, each day is a gentle reminder of the love I am surrounded with and the joy in the universe. Thank you so much. Please don’t ever quit.

Charlie C.

HealThruWords has reminded me daily to simply live… life to the fullest. To allow myself to simply learn and grow and to continue to inspire others to do the same.

Amber-Lee D.


In just a couple of years, HealThruWords® Quotes have reached and inspired millions of hearts around the world. In our most recent poll, 90% of the respondents experienced positive change in their lives. 45% after 30 days only!
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These amazing results are possible thanks to the fact that HealThruWords® are not ordinary quotes. They are energy transmissions channeled by Roxana Jones as she writes the messages received from her spiritual guides. The words used in the quotes are intended to sound simple and easy to read. Behind them, there is an intricate Encoded Healing™ technique that Roxana has been allowed to use since 2012. This codification allows the healing and transformation to happen when the reader is open and ready for change.
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As you invite them into your reality, these words will positively influence your current vibration giving you access to new potentials including raising your levels of joy and gratitude, a better understanding of past events, release of emotional blockages and beliefs no longer serving, and so much more.
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