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Together we can make a difference and leave a legacy to be proud of.

We will bring Positivity, Empowerment, and Heartfulness to as many people as humanly possible.


  • Business leaders who participate in our programs become empowered and more successful and show the path to others.
  • Influencers and Celebrities who understand the importance of a more heart-oriented world and whose sole wish is to inspire others in finding their own unique truth, happiness and success.
  • Individuals who practice Heartfulness connecting deeper with themselves and in turn help their family and friends do the same.
What you are thinking about, you are becoming - Muhammad Ali


This mission is so important to us that, not only is HealThruWords® a Public Benefit Corporation but we also have a Foundation which shares the same purpose. The latter receives 10% of the Net Revenue of our Public Benefit Corporation in order to help reach more people through inspirational content creation and educational grants.

Each time you contribute by purchasing a program or sharingHealThruWords® content, you are helping a human being in dire need of positivity, empowerment, and love.

Our Ambassadors

Bruce Van Horn

Bruce Van Horn

Bruce serves a community of 1M members as a writer, speaker, teacher, and coach. His mission in life is to reach, teach, and empower people to live intentionally as the fullest expression of who they were created to be.

By restorying (yes, that’s a word-play on “restoring”) passion, purpose, and vision, he helps individuals and businesses remove the layers of limiting beliefs, negative messages, and counter-productive behaviors, and replace them with a new mindset that unleashes their true power that has been seeking greater expression in the world.

Through his books, podcast, speaking, and coaching, he has helped thousands of people restory their lives.

Our interview with Bruce: