Your Wellbeing First

Don’t feel guilty for wanting to love and nurture yourself; wanting your survival and wellbeing is not an option, it is your right. ~Roxana Jones #quotes #inspirationalquotes

Negative Consequences

Every time you choose to be negative with your words you are choosing not to believe in you and the world you live in. ~Roxana Jones #quotes #inspirationalquotes

Meditating into Self

Why should you meditate every day? Because it is the fastest and most effective way of becoming more of who you truly are.
~Roxana Jones #quotes #inspirationalquotes

Self-love and Relationships

Your self-love is important because if you don’t love yourself, you can’t love others in the way you want to love them. ~Roxana Jones #quotes #inspirationalquotes

The Life that you Choose

Disconnect from chaos. Reconnect to order. You have a choice. ~Roxana Jones #quotes #inspirationalquotes

Yes or No

Don’t forget that while the power in the word NO blocks your possibilities, the power in the word YES opens up the door to your greatest potentials. ~Roxana Jones #quotes #inspirationalquotes

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