Leaving the Obsolete

If you want to experience the life of your dreams replace hard ways, pain, and struggle, for letting go, allowing, and faith. ~ Roxana Jones #quotes #inspirationalquotes

The Flexibility of Belief

There is always a way. It doesn’t matter who you are or what your current circumstances are. You can overcome any condition and most importantly, any belief. ~ Roxana Jones #quotes #inspirationalquotes

Steps to Freedom and Happiness

1. Be sure that your ego-self is not disguised as your true Self. 2. Once you can FEEL their difference, choose to believe only in the desires of your most authentic Self. ~ Roxana Jones #quotes #inspirationalquotes

Powerful Beyond Words

Don’t talk about what you don’t want. Your words are always creating whether you like their creation or not. ~ Roxana Jones #quotes #inspirationalquotes

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