What Is Within?

What if this universe is all within oneself? What if nothing is outside and only inside? Wouldn’t you want to change some things? Be the change… ~Roxana Jones #quotes #inspirationalquotes

This Earth Day

Listen and feel the drum beat that runs through your veins until you connect to the sacred space of your heart, until you connect to this beautiful world. It is inside of you. The planet is you. Awaken to the truth… ~Roxana Jones #quotes #inspirationalquotes

The Map

The treasure that lies within has no hinges, no keys, no lid and the map with its location is YOU… ~Roxana Jones #quotes #inspirationalquotes

Practicable Change

One must practice change. If not practiced, change ceases its flow. ~Roxana Jones #quotes #inspirationalquotes

Your Heart’s Whispers

How ready are you to put in practice what your powerful heart has been whispering since the day you were born? ~Roxana Jones #quotes #inspirationalquotes

Forgiveness is Power

True empowerment can only be achieved after we learn to forgive and love ourselves, after we learn to forgive and love others. ~Roxana Jones #quotes #inspirationalquotes

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