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New Alchemy 2 – Buoyancy

From I, The Book:

Entrained by the importance of our day-to-day, we forget the gifts available to us such as, for instance, the energy of buoyancy.


New Alchemy 2.1

This stanza invites the reader to be fully present to the present moment. Beyond emotions and thoughts, the reader may choose to become aware of the current reality as it is.

New Alchemy 2.2

From such a place of awareness, opens up a new type of experience that was not available before we chose to be centered into this body, this environment, this instant: we get access to new information about ourselves and to a renewed energy.

New Alchemy 2.3

Once we let go of everything that does not pertain to this present moment, we invite the energy of buoyancy or innocence in to discover what it is to be oneself anew, without limitation, pristine to itself, now.

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