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The Power of Positive Words – Vibrations, the key to yourself


We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world. Buddha

Before going into vibrations, you might have missed the previous article on the Power of Positive words, you can find it here: The Power of Positive Words – Can we change our body with words?.

Beneath the material perception we have every single moment of all the items and elements around us: water, table, ground and more, exists another world. A world made of eternal vibration which permeates across all internal structures of our world. Vibrations create our surrounding and allow us to distinguish each element. In other words, it is the vibration pattern of an element that will determine the very identity of such object through our perception mechanisms.

Like a musical note, everything, everybody, every e(-)motion, every ‘energy elements’ around us vibrates, each at their own frequency.
Even if our eyes do not necessarily perceive it evidently, we do know intuitively such truth. We know that sound, like our voice singing or talking, is a manifestation of vibrations like a string of a guitar, the same applies to all that is.

Our world is made of vibrations

A recent experiment conducted at MIT showed in such a brilliant way how music vibrations could be reproduced by observing the leaves of a nearby plant. Imagine seeing a plant in another room, you do not listen to any sound from that room, and just by watching how the leaves of that plant vibrate you can reproduce most of the melody that is played. Watch this incredible video showing evidence of how vibration in an intrinsic part of our reality:

It also demonstrates that a sound vibration does affect all its surrounding in a very definitive way influencing in this case the behavior of the plant which is ‘dancing to the music’. The same principle applies to extinguish a fire with sound or that the sound we do not see actually has a direct impact on all its surroundings.
Imagine what a set of words does to your environment!

Discover how to be conscious

With vibrations we control our environment

Furthermore, the science called Cymatics, created in the 16th century, focuses on the study of visible sound aka vibration. To fathom the beauty of the vibrations around us here is an example where sound was used to animate water, electricity and fire:

As you saw on this video, water can change its physical shape according to vibration. Cymatics also explores how sound waves alter the inner structure of water cells akin to Dr. Masaru Emoto’s studies, as mentioned in the first article of this series.

My friend Jeremy Pfeiffer – Professor of Sympathetic Vibratory Physics at Pond Institute, carried out a successful experiment showing how the structure of water can be affected by words and sound waves (or vibrations) printed on a paper sheet. As you can see in these pictures below, after exposing a bowl of water to a Cymatics Wave in a freezer, the ice took the actual shape of the same wave. In other words, water is able to carry the information delivered by the Cymatics acting as a memory artifact.


Clearly, written or spoken words have a definite impact on our direct physical environment and our own body.

In the next article, we will look at how positive or negative our thoughts and words can be and what are the choices we can make. We will also offer you a revolutionary tool to change effortlessly… with the right words, an all new HealThruWords exclusive.

The technology behind HealThruWords® 60-Second Mindful Moments

HealThruWords® uses its heart-powered Encoded Healing Technology™ to impress the subconscious mind with positive codes of information. EHT™ is a unique technique backed by science and practiced by ancient civilizations thousands of years ago. Words and images are intentionally arranged in ways that enable the conscious mind to imbue the subconscious mind with specific codes, universal human values, and social standards boosting the positive transformation of individuals and, as a result, of the organizations they work for.

Since 2012 HealThruWords® EHT™ 60-Second Mindful Moments have inspired more than 50M people globally and they continue to support the positive transformation of a thriving community of over 200,000 people from more than 100 countries.

Why HealThruWords® 60-Second Mindful Moments are different?

HealThruWords® 60-Second Mindful Moments are not ordinary inspirational mindful messages. HealThruWords® 60-Second Mindful Moments have a profound transformational and harmonizing effect that is achieved through the frequencies of the words used to construct HealThruWords® messages. Words are very powerful tools. Latest scientific discoveries have shown the decisive impact words exert on ourselves and our environment.

Words can be transmitters of negative or positive frequencies. Here at HealThruWords® we believe that for too long words have been used to promote more negativity than positivity. Our purpose is to reestablish natural balance by lowering the negative self-talk of every single individual and its greater community or group.

How do HealThruWords® 60-Second Mindful Moments work?

When a HealThruWords® 60-Second Mindful Moment is read, the words in the message, together with its carefully selected and well aligned visual, activate the Encoded Healing Technology™ progressively clarifying limiting mental and emotional patterns.

Long-lasting positive change begins at the subconscious and conscious levels. Inner positive change always leads to outer positive change. Even if at first changes seem unperceivable. After a few weeks, depending on the heart and mental openness of the individual, personal, and professional positive changes happen as the person transforms from the inside out.



Your work has inspired me to try harder to live, I had given up on myself in this horrible nightmare, now I have hope, thanks.” ~Philip

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You did heal me by your words. Thank you.” ~Albert

Words are powerful, both those we tell ourselves and those we say to others. What a wonderful gift this program is and I am so very grateful for it.” ~Anne

We have to thank you because you are healing our minds through your words.” ~Ali

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