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We Began This Journey Inspiring Millions Of Individuals On Social Media. Today We Continue To Inspire As We Guide Business Leaders And Individuals To Become More Empowered And In Turn Empower Everyone Around Them


In the past, people worked hard to become successful and then, become happy.

In the present, people work at becoming happier so that they become successful.

Thanks to new technologies and understandings now at our disposal, we can let go of negative self-talk, the silent killer of our happiness, and open up to a whole new reality where a work-life balance is effectively achieved through mindfulness, positivity and wellness.

Designed following the principles of the Heartful Method™, our Coaching and ReWire™ Programs were created to effortlessly and quickly lead participants into becoming a more positive, balanced version of themselves.

"There is no more powerful source of creative energy in the world than a turned-on, empowered human being" ~ John Mackey, Whole Foods CEO

Why HealThruWords®?

Your mind limits your POTENTIAL

We know YOU ARE way more POWERFUL

Using science-proven principles of Heartfulness,


Did You Know?

Your Heart’s electromagnetic field is 5,000 times more powerful than your brain’s

Your Heart sends more information to your brain than vice-versa

The electrical impulse of your heart-beat can be measured 3 to 4 feet from your body


Be a lifelong partner.

We are a close-knit community whose mission is to support and accelerate your transformational journey thanks to the HealThruWords® Method.



What I’ve learned with you is going to help me become a more conscious leader!

Christopher King

President & Co-Founder, Conscious Capitalism DC Chapter

HealThruWords® wakes you up to a whole new reality through the power of positive words. The perfect couple to trust and reach out to if you’re ready for huge life-changes.

Kimberley Clayton Blaine

MA, LMFT / Mindfulness & Empowerment Thought Leadership

A proven track record of superior executive coaching and brilliant results

Steve Gutzler

Inspirational Speaker, Senior Executive Coach

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The Power of Positive Words – Can we change our body with words?

The Power of Positive Words – Can we change our body with words?

Words. We use words so often that we tend to believe that they are just that: mere words, whether they are positive words or not. So much so that we do not pay attention anymore on how we use them nor the impact it can have on others and our own life. Many ancient texts […]




Wherever your heart may be leading you, the secret is to follow it JOYFULLY. ~Roxana Jones #quotes #inspirationalquotes

Heartful Muscle

Heartful Muscle

Nothing destroys something as quickly as disuse. Just as the exercised muscle grows healthier and stronger, the exercised heart grows wiser and bolder. ~Roxana Jones #quotes #inspirationalquotes

Feelings vs Emotions

Feelings vs Emotions

Don’t let the emotions of the egoic mind rule your life. Let the feelings of your Heart be your guiding Light. ~Roxana Jones #quotes #inspirationalquotes

Subconscious Acceptance

Subconscious Acceptance

Anything that you don’t consciously reject, you subconsciously accept. ~Roxana Jones #quotes #inspirationalquotes

Abundant Universe

Abundant Universe

There is no such thing as lack, unless it is accepted by your mind. You live in a universe of infinite supply. Tune into it… ~Roxana Jones #quotes #inspirationalquotes



You are multidimensional being, so why are you trying to live as a limited third dimensional one? Say YES to your expansion. ~Roxana Jones #quotes #inspirationalquotes



Don’t search for the answers intellectually. If you’re ready for Truth, simply surrender the ego and follow your heart. ~Roxana Jones #quotes #inspirationalquotes

Reactions and Responses

Reactions and Responses

The way you choose to react or respond to the circumstances in your life is precisely what can change those circumstances. ~Roxana Jones #quotes #inspirationalquotes

Body and Ego

Body and Ego

Know the difference between your body and the ego-mind. And then, listen to your body; it truly knows what you need. ~Roxana Jones #quotes #inspirationalquotes

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