The Heartful Method Program

Developed by our founder to help you empower yourself and become a more conscious leader and individual.

Arnaud offers to individuals and business leaders alike, support in the following areas that they have personally experienced and transformed successfully:

1. Help Transform Challenges
2. Find Inner Inspiration
3. Foster Better Relationships
4. Grow Long-Lasting Inner Peace
5. Bring In New Positive Thought Patterns
6. Adopt Lifestyle Transformations
7. Embrace Constant Growth

The ReWire Program

Developed by combining time-proven methods and leading-edge technologies to help tap into your own power.

“Don’t be afraid to take that BIG step. A chasm needs more than two small jumps to be crossed. Refocus your “mind’s eye””
~ Arnaud Saint-Paul Founder and CEO at HealThruWords®

A first of its kind study from the Center for BrainHealth at The University of Texas at Dallas, published in the Journal of Affective Disorders, demonstrates that 70% of our thoughts are negative.

Using the HealThruWords® method, the ReWireProgram is dedicated to empowering Leaders  and Individuals through the science-proven principles of Heartfulness offered to business owners, executives, corporate leaders, individuals and teams working in stressful and high-performance environments.

Align yourself with a select group of like-minded humans searching to live a fulfilled and powerful life and in turn lead others to accomplish their professional and personal dreams and goals by

  • Building High-Trust Relationships Across All Boards
  • Driving Radical Transformation
  • Impacting Their Bottom Line
  • Generating Higher Degrees Of: Achievement, Success, Happiness, Fulfillment, Connection, and Peace
  • Successfully Adopting Positive Thought Patterns
ReWire Program

What I learned with you is going to help me become a more conscious leader!

Christopher King
President & Co-Founder, Conscious Capitalism DC Chapter

HealThruWords® wakes you up to a whole new reality through the power of positive words.

Kimberley Clayton Blaine
MA, LMFT / Mindfulness & Empowerment Thought Leadership

A proven track record of superior executive coaching and brilliant results

Steve Gutzler
Inspirational Speaker, Senior Executive Coach

I love your work!

Bryant McGill
CEO, Best-Selling Author, UN Appointee, Simple Reminders

A proven track record of superior executive coaching and brilliant results.

Steve Gutzler

The DailyBoost™ Program

Offers 365 positive daily reminders creating a solid foundation for positivity and success.

“Companies do not succeed, people do. Happy people create happy and successful companies.”

You or your teams…

  • Receive daily doses of positivity having a cumulative effect that in turn create a solid foundation for happiness.
  • Learn to distinguish between negative and positive self-talk and gradually transform mental blockages into new perspectives.
  • Become more mindful and aware of the Positive ReEvolution moment: the source of all happiness and success.

HealThruWords® has reminded me daily to simply live… life to the fullest. To allow myself to simply learn and grow and to continue to inspire others to do the same.

Amber-Lee D.

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