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HealThruWords® Testimonials

Your words are powerful, the kind of stuff that comes from deep inside. Heartfelt thanks and I sincerely mean that.

~Ed W.

I am really impressed by your simple yet thought provoking quotes. Thank you.

~Milan P.

You greatly inspire me, with you strong motivating messages and images, please don’t ever stop. A soul in this part of the world is inspired.

~Roba S.

Thank you for continuously sharing your insight and soul-deep reminders that help us stay grounded and hopeful.

~Alison S.

We have to thank you because you are healing our minds through your words.

~Hussainy S.

Your work has inspired me to try harder to live. I had given up on myself. I have hope. Thanks

~Phillip H.

As a corporate elite coach I would highly recommend HealThruWords®. Have a proven track record and live it out daily! For coaching and consulting I highly recommend the best of professional excellence!

~Steve G.

Competent professionals and leading forces of the magnificent, inspiration journey of serving humanity. Helping thousands of people across the globe through books, articles, and programs. They helped me too. When I started my journey with Live from Your Heart and Mind, they were among the first who supported my work and believed in me.

~Catherine R.

I highly recommend. Your words really do heal the world.

~Forgive Yourself

A few years back I stumbled over one of your quotes that caused me to reflect all my years living an unconditional life of love, bringing up a family of 6 with 7 grandchildren. Married for 39 years. In and out of board meetings, mentoring, teaching advocating and devoting myself to the education field for 30 years with, I may say, no regrets! Somehow, though, always forgetting ‘myself’. I can now through your wonderful words of wisdom begin to evolve into a more wholesome happier person. And it is just the beginning for me. You are truly unique and very precious.

~Robert P.

Each day I purposely pause to review one of the positive, enlightening, and empowering messages. As I do, I allow myself time for a few slow, deep breaths; inhaling  wisdom and exhaling gremlin-infused negative thoughts. The perspective offered nourishes my soul as I continue on my journey of soul-deep transformation.

~Alison S.

There is an undeniable call on the planet to Know thy Self, the deep, whole and authentic Self, that is longing to be (re)discovered. I am honored and delighted to share in HealThruWords®’s brilliant wise counsel to all truth seekers and way showers ready to leap into the pools of self-discovery and radical wholeness.

~Joely N.

Serving you as a program of immediate empowerment and continued transformation, I encourage you to accept HealThruWords®’s invitation of internal growth and outward transformation.

~Philip L.


If you are already using our products and services and have a testimonial you would like to share, let us know, we would love to hear about it!

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